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Workshop Benefits


Go from Mission Statement to “Mission accomplished!”


There’s only one way to make it happen – if leaders and their teams get focused and stay focused.


Stratex workshops and coaching programs create and sustain this focus to ramp up productivity, satisfaction and revenue generation across roles and organizational levels. The best news is the benefits begin right away – and continue long after. Our program is not a one-time performance booster. It’s a lasting enhancement that drives long-term growth.


How do we create it? Together, we customize content and timing to meet your success criteria. You define the end game from the start, and celebrate at the finish line.


How do we sustain it? By harnessing individual career aspirations to achieve corporate performance objectives. Your people advance, your company profits.


Please contact us to design a program to accomplish your mission. 

Takeaways, Not Theory

Evaluating professional development initiatives by bottom-line impact is no longer just a nice idea – it now drives your investment decisions. In response, our approach was developed by an executive consultant with 18 years of experience responding to C-level imperatives and standards. It introduces a set of twelve “Focus Games” to spark viable new options by combining straightforward tactical planning with right-brain thinking.


Just as a prism releases the color spectrum that already exists within white light, Focus Games elicit inherent drive and talents. Participants learn to capitalize on their assets to get what they want done…done.

Benefits for Leaders:
bulletEngage and retain the best and the brightest by exciting them with professional advancement paths that are “planned” not “canned.”
bulletEmpower the right people to do what it takes to deliver and innovate without micromanaging.
bulletShare initiative and enthusiasm for performance enhancement with your team.


Benefits for All Employees:

bulletStep up to greater responsibility, recognition and respect.
bulletRecollect and reconnect with unique capabilities and patterns of success.
bulletPresent powerfully at internal or client meetings and industry events.

Positive Returns

In today’s work environment, there is more than enough pressure and complexity. We offer an alternative path to success that is flexible, accessible and engaging. It is a guided way to increase personal, organizational and market returns.

bulletThis is about ROI. The results make immediate business sense. Each person generates targeted plans in their own vocabulary to get more from today’s staff meeting or next quarter’s product launch.
bulletThe sum is greater than the parts. Whether rolled out over days, weeks or months, the components reinforce each other. The net effect amplifies both financial and organizational rewards.
bulletThe results are empowering and enduring. We build on existing core capabilities, rather than introducing processes, jargon and metrics to learn from scratch. Professionals already have enough on their plates. We enliven their thinking and awareness so they can amplify their value and confidence. What participants learn today, they use for the rest of their careers.


This is a rapid, positive, cost-effective way to align your people’s focus with your business imperatives. It works well and it works fast. No capital investment or administrative infrastructure is required. Our mutual goal is simple - everyone wins.




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