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Business Development and Market Strategy


bullet Venture Development Plan.
Developed plan for investors, corporate sponsors, and government entities for public/private enterprise, now a recognized and profitable success. Worked with Board to hone business model and management practices. Built action planning tools to focus priorities and resources.


bullet Capital Markets Acceptance Plan.
Developed internal and external plan for $500M professional services firm seeking to increase presence and effectiveness with institutional investors and top tier investment banks.


bulletBusiness Growth and Product Strategy.
Challenge: Growth stalls for an important product in a financial services company’s portfolio.
Solution: Devised and implemented product and technology strategy to transition stock market analysis software to a real-time B2B online service.
Benefits: Enhancements supported expanded global markets and additional revenue streams by allowing premium and subscription-based services as well as customized data products.


bullet Business and Technology Strategy.
Acting CTO/CIO of a global syndicated loan trading system and information portal. Member of executive team coordinating technology and business strategy. Led technical execution from conception to launch. Designed and rolled out auction-based trading architecture using Internet technologies and security certificates. Managed integration with third-party developers and hosting services. Established technical and marketing alliances with trading partners. Defined revenue sharing, cross-marketing and data exchange agreements with S&P and other research suppliers.   Implemented and tested quality control, security, backup and disaster recovery procedures.


bullet Business and Product Strategy.
Led business growth strategy for a software development and e-commerce infrastructure firm. Worked with principals to optimize service mix, target sales and restructure organization. Revamped pricing and project management to increase margins and revenue growth.




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