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We first work closely with you to identify your needs and design the right approach for your specific project and objectives.


Stratex will then coordinate the necessary specialized skills and expertise to create timely and cost effective solutions executed by a highly integrated team.


Competitive business development, financial systems, and marketing programs are just some of our areas of expertise. The following are core members of our professional affiliate team:


Jane Deuser - Market Strategy & Implementation / Business Development


Avik RoyPerformance Turnaround / Strategic Business Growth


Professor Michael Preston - Company Growth Management / Organizational Strategy


Tony HusseyFulfillment systems / Direct marketing operations


Incremax Technologies Corporation - Software development / Systems integration


Raquel Rosenfeld - Business Design and Reengineering / Capacity Performance Enhancement


Maru Calderon - Market Expansion / Customer Relationship Programs


Paul SoultSales Programs / Government Relations



Affiliate Information:


You can click on each name to view details for each member of our network.


Please let us know if you would like contact information for any of our professional affiliates. In some cases, we have provided links to their Web sites.



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