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Energy Solutions


Stratex Energy Solutions

Successful development of financially viable alternative energy enterprises depends on a dynamic and progressive partnership among private enterprises, government programs, financial sources, and academic R&D.


Today, sustainable energy efforts are distributed geographically, with many small players without compelling economies of scale. Grants, tax incentives and private equity excitement exists. But only with a clear, comprehensive framework, can we tap into the full potential of these technologies.


In the United States, we are growing our expertise and have so much to gain from getting it right, right now :


bulletEconomic development, job creation, and workforce training.
bulletViable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional sources of energy.
bulletAdvanced experience with construction, operations, and maintenance of wind, solar, biofuel and biomass facilities.
bulletPractical knowledge, including economic feasibility of renewable energy sources.
bulletLower energy costs and increased revenue for government and citizens.


Stratex has the program leadership capabilities and experience to move initiatives forward and coordinate efforts to achieve both private and public interests. We speak Spanish and French to facilitate collaboration with global companies that are leaders in alternative energy.


For Alternative Energy Enterprises

Enterprises engaged in developing new energy sources need to focus on their expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and research. Yet, as with traditional industries, certain core business imperatives drive success. Stratex can work side by side with business leaders and technical experts to:


bulletAdvise on tactical plans, operations, and organizational decisions to maximize short term revenues and position for profitable expansion.
bulletLead feasibility studies and business development programs, while transferring skills to internal teams.
bulletCommunicate core advantages of products and services quickly and cogently in formal and informal presentations to potential business partners and investors.
bulletEvaluate merger and acquisition opportunities, coordinate due diligence and integration for successful growth.
bulletEstablish relationships with government officials and public funds to identify and obtain grants and tax incentives for which your firm qualifies. Coordinate IDA and other tax-advantageous funding with expert counsel and accountants.
bulletStructure joint ventures with other companies to jumpstart projects and boost market presence.
bulletEstablish liaisons with academic R&D programs aligned with your industry expertise to advance your industry innovations and advantages.


For Investment Banks and Private Equity Firms

Before or after making a substantial investment, we provide hands-on additions to your team to:


bulletPerform commercial due diligence on: Leadership; Strategy and Business Development; Communications; Marketing; Information Technology; and Organizational Development.
bulletIdentify target companies for investments, acquisition, and roll-ups.
bulletAct as interim leaders or program managers at portfolio companies to achieve strategic alliance and business goals from media and government relations to financial and technical operations.
bulletResearch and recruit expert industry and academic talent.
bulletSeek government grants, tax and workforce incentives, and funding to complement private investments.


For Government Programs

We are on board with the government’s commitment to forwarding alternative energy at the local, state and federal levels. We can lend a business leadership perspective to launching successful efforts and succeeding in the shortest possible timeframe to:


bulletBlend private sector best practices with government planning and processes.
bulletCommunicate succinctly and powerfully with energy companies, community and other government representatives, media, and financial sources.
bulletAddress concerns of energy companies proactively, to stay “ahead of the curve” and deliver surprising and effective results.
bulletLead meetings and initiatives to maximize value of participants’ time, effort and investments.
bulletDevelop synergies with academic and corporate advisors to propel strategies forward, building on wins along the way.





"The global energy industry is an ever changing landscape that needs talented and critical thinkers such as Stefanie Smith of Stratex Consulting who can anticipate and adjust to the shifting demands of today's renewable and fossil energy markets.


Ms. Smith has become an integral part of Northumberland County's Energy Technology Enterprise Center (ETEC) strategic advisory team. Her ability to quickly identify the central crux of a challenge and then clearly lay out the practical elements which need to be further developed is invaluable to us."


Stephen Bartos
Executive Director



"Stefanie's analytic capabilities and command of both Spanish and English have led to great results in identifying and communicating the strong points of our company's strategy.


She develops targeted presentations which clearly highlight the services and competitive advantages Neo Energy Solutions offers our clients."


Blanca Benedicto Soler



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